Staircases: Installation Tips and Techniques

September 16, 2014

A staircase is a part of the house which should have a lasting impression when guests come to visit you. Of course, installing a staircase should not focus only on one aspect. Functionality, purpose and design are some of the things to be taken into consideration when deciding on putting or installing anything in your home.

                The staircase is one of the most important parts of your home. In some homes, the stairs serves as the main attraction because of its architecture and structural design. Installing the perfect or the best staircase can be very tricky and is a critical decision.

                The most important consideration in installing the staircase is the safety issues. Staircases can be made with various types of material and styles. Some of the materials that are widely used for this part of the house are wood, metal, stainless steel, fiberglass, ceramic tiles and a combination of two or more than of these materials. When deciding which material to use, consider the risks and hazards.

There are also some tips and techniques in properly installing the staircases:

  • Be sure to establish the perimeters of the space where you are planning to install the staircase.
  • Once the sizes of the perimeters are established, make the necessary measurements from the top to the bottom. This will determine the intervals and how many steps that will be installed in the staircases.
  •  After the measurements, decide on the materials and designs to be used and purchase them. Be very careful with the measurements because any mistake will cause the railings not to fit properly.
  • The next step is installing the stair stringers, and then positioning the threads and risers including the hand rails.
  • To ensure that the handrails are positioned correctly and that it can provide maximum support and safety, be sure that these hand rails are properly anchored to the wall.
  • Secure the railings to the wooden frame behind the plaster or dry wall to be sure that the railing is anchored in the best possible way.
  • Most of the best contractors use hardwood in making the staircases in all its components because they are easy to design and will be able to match with all the decorations and furnitures inside the house.
  • Give all the stair components equal attention when it comes to design and accents, like the balusters and handrails, it should be given certain details in its finish for it to be able to contribute to the beauty and design of the home.

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